What is the difference between remy hair and Non-remy hair?

Questions now? what is remy hair ? and wha is Non-remy hair? It is very simple to say difference. Remy hair has all hair tips and all the hair roots aligned together and cuticle in same direction, Non-remy hair not !

Why remy hair is better than Non-remy hair?

  1. Remy hair is higher qaulity hair, because it has cuticle intact and in same direction, giving you a better feel, smooth and soft
  2. Remy hair is tangle resistant compare to Non-remy hair
  3. Remy hair lasts much longer time than Non-remy hair
  4. Remy hair has more natural look than Non-remy hair

Another question is that how to tell the difference between the two kind of hair?

  1. Touch it, yes, you know remy hair is softer, silky, and smooth. Remy hair has cuticle in same direction like stroking a cats tail, it is nice and smooth if go one way, go the other and its almost impossible to stoke.
  2. The ends of remy ahir tends to have a slightly lighter shade, just look at your own real hair, you will get this !