Fake scalp cap wig is a wig that comes with a fake scalp cap constructed. Fake scalp cap is sew-in stretchable lace in front parting as a false scalp. The hair knots is bleached by the color similar to the scalp and become invisible.
The hairline is pre-plucked about 0,5” to hide the hair knots.
There is a sew-in adjustable elastic band to make the wig stay in the right place and flat the hairline.


Jacksunwig offers the best fake scalp cap wig at best prices. The fake scalp cap has an extra layer lace therefore it is durable. The fake scalp cap can be washed and can last long.The lace is delicate making the scalp soft and breathable.

With fake scalp cap wig there is no need to use glue or do cornrows to use wig caps.