Today lets talk about the silk top lace wigs

Up to now, silk top wigs are the most realistic lace wigs in the wig market, Click here to see the  silk fabric. Silk fabric is thicker and harder than fine swiss lace. The top area of the cap consists of two layers of lace with silk fabric on the upper layer and swiss lace below.Knots are hidden between the two laters giving the illusion that the hair is grown from the scalp. We also call that hidden knots wig, that means you don’t need to bleach the knots.

In factory, we can do any sizes for silk base and silk top. Standard size is  4”x 4”. If you want it to cover larger area on cap, you we will make it  5”x 5”, 6”x6” or silk throughout.  We will do according to your request if you place custom order with us. Please note that the edge of silk base starts about 1/4” or 1/8”away from the hairline

Please see the size of silk top pictures below ,the size of first one is 4”x4”, the second is 6”x6”, the third one is silk base throughout the units.