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How to make custom wig template?


How to make cusom wig template?

If you want a wig that fits well, you may consider making a wig template, well, how to make a custom lace wig template ? see instructions below

1.  You  need some clingfilm, sellotape, a pair of scissors and a black marker.

2  .If you have your own hair, please prepare your hair exactly the way you will be wearing it under the wig. This includes you braiding or wrapping your hair and/or wearing a wig cap. if not, just tear off enough clingfilm to place on top of your scalp and press down.

3.  Precut the sellotape into strips, which you stick onto the clingfilm running in the direction of ear to ear firstly. Next you need to run the sellotape from the front to the back of your head. DO NOT tape tightly else your template will shrink and will not fit.

4.  Remove the mould from your head and cut away the excess clingfilm. You should be left with a template roughly the size of the area you wish to cover.

5.  Place back on your head. Take your black marker and draw an outline onto the template to mark the exact area you want to cover. Especially make the ear area correctly 

6.  Remove from your head and again, using the scissors cut down to size.

7.  Mark the template with a spot for the crown (if you want one). Mark the front with an F and and B in the back. If you want a parting, draw a line to denote this otherwise add no other markings.

8.  You can lock in all the markings with a 3rd layer (and if required a 4th layer) of sellotape.

9.  Write your name and the date on a piece of paper and staple it to your template. 

See a template our customer made below :