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Make wig with clients supplied

How & Where Can I Make A Wig With My Hair?


Yes ! we can do that,  Jacksunwig offer the service.

Human hair wigs and the best experienced wig makers that will make a wig with your hair.

The best place to "make a wig with hair you supplied " or "use donated hair to make a wig" is Jacksunwig. We will guarantee that your hair will be used and not "switched out" during the wig making process. Jacksunwig "makes wigs using the customers own hair" for clients all over the world. 
We were extremely experienced, professional and Technicians has been clearly making wigs for over 15 years. we may show you hairstyles and several cap styles to choose from. We wont waste your hair at all and will send back the hair if left. In addition, if you are reseller or owner of salon,  you offer the hair you buy from indian or somewhere else,  our worker could use your hair without treatment to do wig for you.

Be sure to secure the hair in one or more ponytails so it stays in the ‎direction that it grows. Make sure the hair is dry an put it in a bag or ‎envelope.