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Full Lace Wigs
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Full Lace Wigs

WHAT IS FULL LACE WIGS ? Full lace wigs are a MOST NATURAL type of wig which are made with fine swiss lace or french lace which sits on and covers your whole head. With a full lace wig, glue or tape is usually required unless you order a glue-less cap, which need adjustable strap, combs or clips added on it , we call it glueless full lace wig. The full lace wigs are breathable, light weight, soft,comfortable and have a freestyle parting, which allows you to style your hair in whichever way you see fit . Whether you want to wear your hair in an up-do, a ponytail, or even just to expose the nape of your neck, a full lace wig allows you to work however you want it to. Our full Lace Wigs Made of 100% high quality remy Human Hair. Free Shipping for All Full Lace Wigs. Buy Human Hair Full Lace Wigs at Jacksunwig.com now !

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