What is the difference between lace wigs single knots and double knots?

What is single knots? it is one strand per knots.Once you get a lace wig in hand, pay close attention to the wig hairline area, single knots are always be placed there with a nautral appearance.Single knots looks smaller than double knots,that is why it looks realistic compare to double knots,

What is double knots? It is 2 or more strands per knot, that makes the double knots larger look and visable upon closer inspection.

You may ask which one is better for lace wigs? Give you answer now…

1. The reason worker just put natural single knots at the hairline ,since single knots spend a lot of handwork to make a full hand tied wigs in factory increasing the cost of hair products.

2. Single knots are not as durable as double knots, it isnt secure enough which will makes the lace prone o shedding compare to double knots

3. Once some customers request heavier hair density for their lace wigs, the way to do that is making double knots with more hair strands per knots to meet the density requirements, it is also called multi strand ventilation.

Picure below show you single knots and double knots on lace wigs cap